Dumb Elemental Marketplace question

So i’ve been playing on HWS since the beginning and just visited the Elemental Marketplace for the first time. I entered and was expecting to find a terminal like in the orbital trading stations to but and sell but couldn’t find any. Am I missing something? How exactly do I buy and sell there?

Hey Tarkus,

well… :open_mouth: … then you would know the Guide better than me maybe… and know that the information you are looking for is in the guide… and from previous versions you know it is in the center and with admin cores it should show you on the mini map … but… well

If you are not talking about the Elemental Marketplace as an orbit but rather for the station it is a circle and each section in the inner ring has a trading station.
Running a bit around the base and you would have found it faster than writing here and reading my response :wink:

But I appreciate your effort to write at least and not rage quite because you couldn’t find it… oh well…


Well what I wasn’t clear on in my post is that I did run around the station but didn’t see a terminal like in trading stations.

You have couple of options to enter the trading station and you are looking for the X mark location.

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you can also enter using the handy little backdoors in the center of the circle that open directly to the trading consoles! (thanks for that Rex!). You can find those platforms near the center red structure in the middle of the circle.

And where i enter is here in blue: Cant miss the console.

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If your looking for the NPC traders in the station they don’t have terminals they are in rooms and you use the commands on the guide to buy from them

The landing pads are back?! I missed those little buggers!

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