EAC go crazy again )

EAC cannot see my client. Kicked from server after 5 minutes. Cant play. Who have same broblem? I got this problem in 4.0 after some patch. Now after samll patch for 5.0 i have crash at every warp, and eac disconnect. Just. :cry: Whait for beta version maybe enother year )))

Go to your steam folder, right click properties, security, edit, users, tick modify and full control and press apply. that seemed to help for me. Its a permissions problem

Nothing can halp me. Still have disconnect after 3-5 minutes ) i cant even try to take off from planet ) In logs says that the server disconnect ) Client_161224-170751-56.log (9.1 KB)
Client_161224-172101-11.log (9.1 KB)Client_161224-172756-84.log (11.3 KB)

I do nothing and mow i play about 15 minutes without disconnect ) i don’t understand this EAC ) i scared make some active action with possibility to catch another disconnect ))

Hey A.F.T.
As mentioned in the other thread. Please zip us the complete Log folder. Tehn Devs can look at all the problems

One more Client_161225-181921-58.log (28.8 KB)