EAC Kicking every 45 secs

Getting kicked even if I am not doing anything just standing there. I can’t even play for fear i will get kicked when going to space…

I just played on another server for an hour doing the same things and was not kicked once…

Try to uninstall empyrion game ,delete all local files ,restart pc , install it again (you will loose all your blueprints and saves ! , but resources in blueprints factory will be fine) .
If it doesin’t help uninstall ,delete all ,restart pc and install again steam and game .
Last step if there is still a problem contact hws team and send them your empyrion game logs .
Don’t give up and good luck .

Why would I do all that when it is clearly the server causing it since other people are having the same problem, I played for 2 hours on another server with a leveled up character on and no problems.

How many other servers were you playing on that used EAC? or had the population of HWS?
Just saying. Things are not always that simple.
For example, I have had exactly one EAC kick. Ever. And I do a LOT of digging.

Now Mr. Mcp, why would i try to compare a non EAC to this one? I understand this server is busy thats why i am here. I think I found the problem I had over 100 hydrogen gens plus my base all in about 200 meter circle. when I picked them up last night it seemed to quit kicking me. People have been getting kicked for mining as well, I see it in chat alot. In 5.1 update they talk about in and are updating EAC to stop the kicks.

Wpould be good if others who get kicks could describe theire sourroundings too, to maybe find a similarity! Thanks fo that hint.

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