EB account got wiped on update today

Hey Admins,

I had over 1 million in my EB account I log in today and find it zero. My tax is only 4000. Please fix.



you died 195 times, that can be a high credit lost also.
Regarding tax only you see 4k but the whole 5AT faction needs to pay a lot since you have a lot on Trader Planet.
I try to adjust this in HWS Connect that you can see also the total tax of the whole faction, not only you.

Ok so even at 195 times that’s only 195K and am I paying for my whole faction? We have put most of our items on private so we only have like 1 base and a 2 CV’s
I died trying to get to my bag near a base. I didn’t think I was breaking a rule since I never attacked the base. I’m fully Ok with loosing the 195K But if you look at Trader we have only 4 items. We have reduced our footprint on planet.

Incorrect. 195 death would amount to about 2000000 (too lazy to calculate the exact number).

Oh ok I thought it was 1K a death

Thanks for clearing it up. Back to gold fed I guess :slight_smile:

The more you die, the more you pay per each death. at ~200 death and without RP you loose around 20k per death.