EB bank zero'd out

When I was on last night I transferred all my credits to the EB using EB:payin:all. Today I have nothing in my account. I did not withdraw the credits, and I did not purchase anything. It wasn’t a lot of credits (little over 203k), but as a new player it is very discouraging that this would happen the very first time I used the EB. Just wondering if you guys can help with this issue.


IGN: Super Cereal!


sorry for that. We are since a few days in a kind of testing period with the API and also the devs are working on a big lagg at the moment. Therefore we had a few hickups here and there.
But its slowly getting better.

Does that include the OCD being bugged? The website says I’ve got loads of stuff but in game I’ve got 0 credits and level 1 OCD.

I’ve been away a while so not sure if its intentional on the OCD side.


Should be ok for you again.
Sad to hear that the problem is still there a bit. I make a double check…