EB Credits didn't update

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**What happened:

My credits have not updated even though the log states i’ve received 2,799.999 credits.
They were at 50 343 093 when I went to bed.

1 09:02 Interest Got 2,500,000 credits
1 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 2 RP for warping,Received 7 RP for 300 Pentaxid (refined),Received 3 RP for living in PvP and PvE.
1 08:33 Sell_Item Received 299.999 credits for selling 1 Alien Container to Straneb

**Player(s) with issue: Fallen Angel
**Server: EU
**Time (cb:time): 9 am - now
**Playfield:Character was overnight at eden.
**Structure Name(s):Not applicable to issue
**Structure ID(s):Not applicable to issue
**How can we help you now: Add my credits & possibly figure out why it happened :slight_smile:


Hey @Fallen_Angel

yeah, we had to restart the tool today, that is why.
Hopefully Jascha can export this data soon so we can safely restart the tool.
Applied the 2,5m manually to your account for now.

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