EB Levelkept after wipe or not?

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What happened:
=> i found two different notes what happens after wipe with eb

EB kept after wipe

EB reset after wipe

plz tell me, what is the truth?

Thx for your gorgeous work

hey and good evening…
simply put


‘keep eb level after full wipe’

if not donated or upgraded and using this service you only take 250k over

hence :-

What will be transferred

  • Up to 2,500,000 Credits - This amount is higher if a player upgrades their Elemental Bank

basic is 250k you have to use the eb:upgrade feature per season and donate per season to keep the eb level


And what are the different notes now?
Quoting 2 very long Guide pages makes it hard to follow you.

My only guess is as gareth said already and the Guide says as well:

in the top link:

What Is Kept

EB Level is kept… . thats what I read


I guess you mean this sentence:

"Elemental Bank level and Credits - depended on your Elemental Bank Level "

which tells you to read the link where its explained, where you find this part:

But you are right, the sentence could make you think you keep an EB level with a certain level.
I will adjust that

okay… thx Jascha

Wait… thats not a wipe.

Thats a Player reset. You looked in the wrong section.

You have to look in this section:

The only level you can keep forever is eb bank level 3 but only if you buy the hws support pkg, which contains eb3, resource pkg, bp package, ect


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