EC and CR

This whole system is very confusing, maybe my fault.
I dont think its working right. I refine coins to get both EC and CR. Then i buy AM. I was told that I can buy AM with CR too, but i have to refine until i have enough EC, Im not charged any CR. If i get to negative EC and i put it in bank bank charges me 5% less that way i save some EC.
Its pretty hard to try to find any error for normal player i already lost 120k CR (death) so im not going to even try to lose more because of trying to find any bugs.

Is there a way to store your CR other than creating some imposible demand on market?
Please enlighten me somehow as im absolutly lost in this system.

i to would like to get a better understanding of EC and CR. we now have to types of money in game i now how to use CR but is there a reason why i would put in it the bank and how do i do that . EC i dont get how to use now since patch 2.o hit and why i would even use it with CR in game now if some could give use a clear understanding of the money in game when how we use it in the system that would be great. please and thank u. love the server by the way :smiley:

Sorry guys, EC means Elemental Coins. We had economy (trading items, bank, marketplace) long before Eleon in the game. We thought that name is cooler. But devs just went with Credits. So EC = CR. It is the same!