EC Issue

Whenever I buy and sell, although the transaction is successful, after re-logging, my chat box is open so I can’t really do anything on my keyboard. Is there a specific way or key to exit this?

Hey Tarkus,

this is a known bug to the devs implemented with alpha.
You can workaround on this by open your inventory… running around… right click here, left click there… it will disappear after some circumstances for sure.

I’ve had this problem too and earlier today someone suggested another workaround. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but after you type your transaction line and hit Enter, hit Enter again quickly before the server has time to kick you.

Sorry whomever suggested this to me, I didn’t note the name to give proper credit.

Found a 100% workaround:

after trading and relogging you have your chat thing open. To fix this do following:

  1. direct after the relog press Right Click
  2. press . (for global chat)
  3. click with left click in the chat field
  4. press ESC
  5. be happy