ECC Garage ship spawn bug

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What happened:

  • Yesterday evening I bought a ship at HWS garage on ECC (SV ship). Once I bought it, it replacement immediately spawned and I had litteraly a ship in a ship and I couldn’t get mine out of there. I tried to wiggle it, cut and launch the engines (it was making it move), etc … nothing to do and it ended up disapearing. Can you help please ?

Player(s) with issue:


**Time (cb:time):**non

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> Protiss

Structure ID(s):
=> 28658891

How can we help you now:
=> Can I get my ship back or the money back ?

As written in the guide, try to move as fast as possible away or it will respawn.
I refunded the 19m for now…

Thanks a lot RexXxuS ! After rethinking about it I think the ship was not moving because of the CPU implementation and even though I kept trying, the replacement ship poped inside mine at the garage

Yes, that could be possible. Garage ships are “on hold”, until I know how we proceed with CPU

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