ECC space - Make it less laggy

Everyone is parking in ECC space now days. Even me. But why dont we make it realy costly to park there. Make the tax 1 million / core or something.

What i understand is that no one should be parked there at all. Now its so cheep so why not park there…

Just an idea :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback and yeah, something will be done about it.

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There is already a tax, but from what I see, only a portion of the ships appear to be used, the rest are abandoned there, and keep getting visited by passing players. There was mention of going into debt deleting your structures at some point, was this ever implemented? Siezure I dont think would work, as then we would still have all these ships, but set to HWS. Perhaps if they get set to public if someone went into debt paying taxes for a full week. Kind of a foreclosure type of aspect, natural scavenging would snag these ships and move/dismantle them.

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McProuty - Well the tax is so low that noone cares… Even with 50k / day its to low.

Raise it so not even i would park there.

As long as it exists, it serves it’s purpose. I understand that a 50k tax a day is not nearly as impactful as it was in 4.0, or even 5.0. But Eventually it will drain the account of those that simply abandoned their ships there. I dont think that the tax idea was intended to make it so that no one would go there, just that there is incentive to not live there 24/7.
Or hell, even if it was made so that a ship parked in one spot for 7 days in a taxed zone was warped to 5 or 10k away from the planet, so that they dont all render in at once. I dont think ECC is quite at core limit, the big issue, atleast on EU, seems to be that the gas station is a cloud of ships that must all render at once.


Or, how about an implementation that after so long all the blocks are replaced with explosive blocks : ) ) Or the other age old idea; use indestructible drone bases for a natural culling of the herd. I want to see 12+ bases sending out 50+ drones every 5 minutes for some entertainment.

Would make you think twice parking there.

And yes before someone mentions, yes I am parked there. What better location to keep 12 constructors going 24/7 while I’m working…