Economy Idea/Suggestion

Hi guys

I’m reasonably new to server been playing about 2 weeks on this server really enjoy it, so I thought I might make a suggestion to the admins see what you guys think

I was thinking what would be a good idea would be a charge or tax on structures/ships my example would be something like your first 2000 blocks is free on a structure/ship after that you pay a tax on the extra blocks for each structure/ship just like how you pay for fuel on your auto miners. If the tax is not paid structure in deleted in 24 hours if not paid (just an example the numbers are pure arbitrary)


-Gets rid of over sized structures lagging the server (or most of them anyways)
-Probably cut down on the number of structures
-Makes gold valuable, as it stand with an auto miner at level 10 you get 180,000 credits per day i don’t even know what to spend that sort of credits on
-Might make pvp a little fairer

I know something like this would be possible as you can get what structure you own and the block count from HWS Connect, also think this would make for a more interesting game. This is a very rough idea hopefully someone can round the corner. Please leave your feed back

I like this, but i would suggest that, like real estate, location would influence the tax, so on pve worlds, 5k blocks be the tax free size. And on structures and sv/hv that are over 5k have the highest tax rates. Pvp orbits could be a tax free zone, after all, pirates don’t pay taxes, lol. Other pvp areas might have a very minor tax?

Perhaps instead of being deleted right away, the structure or ship is placed in lien, and the ownership goes to [HWT] Homeworld Taxes, and you have to pay the taxes similer to eb:jailfree. If the taxes are not paid after lien for 24 hours, ships get put up for sale on marketplace (with everything on board except sv’s) for 72 hours before being deleted. Structures go to public, after a server announcement, so, first come, first serve, which could be interesting pvp.

That’s a really good idea that way it might force people to venture out into pvp area’s because there “Tax Free”, while still allowing new people to join and get a feel for the server