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Elemental Galactic Services (EGS)

The origins have over time developed themselves into niches that they dominate. But what is not very well understood, or even questioned, is who runs the Elemental Consortium. One reason nobody questions them or where they get the wealth to do what they do, is because most everyone else benefits from it.

EGS - Upgrade

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands

As a way to further reward loyalty and frivolous spending, the EGS team has provided you an additional place to pour your hard earned credits. In many cases, as is typical for EGS, you earn more than you spend – But nothing is cheap. That said, with enough investment in the right things, you could spend millions to earn a billion.

To do so, you will want to look into Upgrading your EGS membership status. Doing so gives you additional perks and access to other EGS services.

Keep an eye out for upgradeable services to get the MOST out of your EGS features.

Syntax: egs:upgrade:{service}

Example: egs:upgrade:recycle

A host of services are provided by the Elemental Galactic Services branch offices, such as:

EGS - Buy Reputation Points (RP)

Sick of working to earn EARNING RP? Have so much money you cant be bothered to work to earn RP? you can buy RP with in-game credits without even breaking a sweat.

The Formula

Price = Amount * (RPPrice + Interest of Player)

Lets break that down:

  • Amount = X (where X is the amount of RP you wish to buy)
  • RPPrice = 70,000 - base cost of RP - THIS may change. Depending in what EGS zone you are (in some Missions there might be better prices for it ).
  • Interest of Player = how much credits you get per day from EB Bank Interest

As an example, where X = 1 RP Point (i want to buy only one RP)

1RP * (70,000 + (600000) = 670,000 credits per 1 RP.

EGS - Set Starter Planet

Using EGS convenient services, you can set your Starter Planet to your Origin Planet just in case you don’t want to go back to your Starter Planet if you die and choose “Fresh Start”. With all that dying you’ll be doing, you may not want to have to repeat that starter experience. Trade your money for your time here!

Cost: 1.000.000 credits

EGS Buy Ship Back

On HWS we have some limits to improve the gameplay for everyone having also performance in mind.
But limits without enforcements wouldn’t be limits. So we set your structures to the HWS faction after some warnings.

Until now we said that the first return of your stuff is for free and the next would cost your Blocks * Devices as credits.

Now you can handle it by yourself with the command


If you recent structure got set to the HWS faction this is the command to go (after at least 2 minutes wait time).

The pricing is a bit different however:

On starter playfields it is 1000 credits and the structure Class size as RP cost

For example your Class 3 ship got seized on Cryo L2 it would cost you 1000 credits and 3 RP.

On any non-starter playfields it would cost you (Blocks * Devices) / 2 credits and the structure Class size as RP cost

For example your Class 6 ship ( 13310 Blocks and 21 devices) got seized on Golden Globe it would cost you 139 755 credits and 6 RP.

EGS Star

Since Guilty people can’t visit PvE anymore some very rich people started a campaign at EGS - some rumor even telling that EGS created an alliance with the Aliens but who knows.
Anyways a new EGS HQ has raised in the space!

This monster star base is the EGS HQ in the PvP area in Homeworld Space at 5000 / 0 / 0.

HOWEVER a very smart defense system was installed which will kill any CV or jetpack traveler (walking outside by foot) coming near by!
You won’t have a chance. Don’t even try.

SVs however are allowed to pass and enter the main station! There you get a lot of good offers - from the EGS restaurant up to the special EGS Trading Outpost. And you can even collect your EB interest in the EB Outpost. Worth to check it out!

You can even live in the EGS star in one of the apartments. All are welcome - as long as they can handle some First Person Shooter action from time to time :wink:

Just stay inside the base all the time!

EGS Bunker

For the rich players out there EGS offers a special service to have the additional thrill on PvP planets.

For 25 million credits you can buy this Bunker


  • All you have to do is contact an admin and it will be set to your faction or private
  • You / Your faction can only buy one in the whole universe per server
  • Randomizer Tool for election will be used
  • Two versions available
  • It is yours for one season. In the next season it is neutral again
  • The Bunker can’t be breached by enemies (if you keep the doors closed all the time)
  • The Bunker is invincible
  • It has everything provided to survive there
  • You can park couple of SVs in it
  • The Bunker has no weapons of it’s own outside. Its value is in its incredible durability, and the ability to wait out any siege or apocalypse.

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