EGS HQ X7 mission wont activate, doesn't give reward

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What happened:
=> Just got done running the EGS HQ X7 mission in HW with some faction mates. The mission wouldnt let us activate and didnt provide the reward when we finished.

Player(s) with issue:


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Hello @HoboTruth

I checked the PDA and it seems to look like the others. So if the other X7 depot missions work, they should too.

Can you show me screenshots of your PDA plz?

Thanks, can you expand the Chapter “EGS Resource Depot Hunt” please so I can see what progress you have already? What actions you completed and so on.

Perhaps unrelated, but I was unable to complete one in black hole as someone had presumably completed it in front of me so I was able to hack the core but not kill the commander. I waited an hour until everything respawned and was then able to complete. This was around 48 hours ago on NA server.

I havent done the Depot Hunt missions. Are they a prerequisite to the Alien asylum mission?

Thanks, I think I know what is going on and try to fix it.

ehm no, but your ticket title is all about the Depot Hunt missions…
what’s up with Alien Asylum now?


Maybe im missing something here? I never mentioned anything about depot hunt missions until you asked about them. Mission in question is “EGS HQ Mission| Alien Asylum”

I’m confused.
You did mention hunt missions all over the place.
Alien Asylum is the one you pulled out of nowhere. :slight_smile:

Make a new ticket then I guess.

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