Egs-zone for free AM:get?

Where exactly do you need to be for this?

I’ve been to Elemental capital city space, the HQ, the bank, etc. it keeps telling me I don’t have enough money, and to go to egs-zone to have it be free?

Here’s a screenshot of me inside the bank, and the server message:

You were not in bank long enough. If you were, you would have seen a message there saying welcome to the bank

I got that message right after the screenshot, and tried it again, same result. still wants to charge :S

nevermind then

The EGS HQ is comprised of many different zones all condensed into one large building. Look at the signs, you were in the bank and not the EGS zone. Have to go to each section of the building to be in corresponding zones.

Make sure you stay in that zone long enough to get the pop-up message before you use the commands as well. If commands are lagging make sure you also stay until it finally goes through.

except there is nowhere called egs zone in the hq?

for anyone else having the issue, it’s the center of the building, and it takes a LONG time before it welcomes you. have to be welcomed to HQ

i’ve discovered the same issue of server asking to charge you for ores when u do am:get in the hq zone even after all those welcome messages.

One way that worked for me is to use the new DOUBLE ENTER button which brings out the GUI for xfer

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