EGS zones non recognition

The EGS HQ / EB arent recognising my presence for interest and am:get purposes

Also I did not get the containers after completing the EGS mission.

Thanks for your work though guys - enjoying the new universe already.

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Done now.

No containers but i’ll probably survive! :slight_smile:


I forgot the zones before I felt asleep but set all of them now.

The “Be first Mission” however has nothing to do with them.
I will check what is going on there. The Trader Gardener Mission seems also broken.

Alright, the Be first mission works. If you have space in your inventory you get the containers etc.

That maybe it. I had space in my handslots but likely very little in pack. I guess it doesnt ‘put’ into handslots?

Nope, not at the moment :confused:

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