Elemental Bank Level Rework

i say EB levels 4 and under should reset each season. if u hit 5, it should be kept. same could be said for egs recycle, stealth, ocd, and oam. just a thought.

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So, punish the new players (the ones that will be hurt the most)?


as it stands, all bank levels are cleared. so this is not punishing anyone. just gives incentive to upgrade to at least lvl 5. getting to lvl 5 is not a hard task, there are plenty of RP/Credit opportunities around the universe. not to mention the special events that rex randomly drops in…i still have NPC cores left from the xmas event :slight_smile:


Oh that is a great Idea . Make the Perk like the others once you get 5 it stays with that level and so on .

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I think the biggest concern for me is all these credits are just getting thrown away . 200 million to 10 . then 400 million to use the Interest feature then if we dont get the supporter Keep Bank Level or Keep 400 Million . All that work is going to waste each season by 100’s of players . If people didnt always have to worry about their bank level that they worked so hard to get they could be spending their credits in the Market or on Garage ships etc.

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That would punish newer players and those who don’t have the level of resources or credits to get to level 10 fast.

I would suggest instead to keep permanent eb:bank level and egs:recycle level no matter the level so that new and low resource players have a chance to catch up.

I would also suggest that all levels of eb:bank not require you to visit the ECC HQ to get your interest. Currently only level 5 to 10 eb:bank are allowed to not visit bank to get their interest. This punishes newer and lower resource players who need the help and rewards more then older and higher resource players who are already established and rich.

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I do like the idea of keep egs:recycle level 5 . Keeping the high level perks like this is an incentive to keep playing and be able to do other content within HWS like missions and pvp. How many times have all of us wasted leveing these certain perks when we could be doing other things like events , pvp and pve content .


i don’t see how this is a punishment. my suggestion is the bank level stays once level 5 is achieved. if u have lvl 4 or below it gets reset on the new season. this would give great incentive to level up to 5 and give a relaxing comfort that it will stay there the following season. it is not very hard to get to bank level 5. shouldn’t take longer than a month or 2 even with a fresh start going solo.


Very true would love to have @RexXxuS thoughts on this topic

Your argument the credits are just being thrown away is incorrect. Credit being spent on ocds, eb levels, garage ships, recycle levels, taxes just to name the main ones is to stop the game being inflated with money. With the money being spent and being taken out of the game it encourages people to go get more money to spend therefore making golden globe the center of the economy which is why the most pvp usually happens there.

Other then the carbon block inflation this system has worked well.

Anyhow word on the wire is that the economy is getting an overhaul so it might be best to wait until next season to make suggestions such as this.

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So based on your logic @Snowman would you be the First to start back at OCD level 1 , Autominer Level 1 ? … After already working towards it ?

Your opening argument is pointless as ocd is permanent and will stay that way as empyrion is an alpha and has constant wipes. Plus i could have level 5 everything after 2 weeks easy (i believe sooner but i am taking rl into consideration) so im not sure what point your trying to make here. Plus there are the supporter packages, are you so selfish to say to rex that he doesn’t deserve an income from all the hard work he does here by denying him keep recycle level, keep eb etc via supporter packages?

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I agree on this, with Snow. Sure it be nice if i could keep my bank/recycle level permanently but we also got to keep in mind that the server deosn’t run free. It needs to be maintained and payed for, and the supporter packages are some of the ways we can thank Rexx for his work and at the same time help pay for the server. :slight_smile:


Well , since i can see where this is going and why . I am always ready for a good conversation .

Saying different talking points are pointless isn’t getting you cool points here . Remember this is a forum . Where people talk and bring up ideas and opinion’s . No need to be rude about it . The opening argument is to make Bank level 10 permanent just like OCD 5 + . No harm in that . 1 - 9 would still get wiped. The goal and idea was for EB10 not the other levels . Which with what you said in the other post would still keep money moving .

Onto the point . That you had to bring up which was totally off topic and you never answered the question would you go to OCD / AM 1 after getting them … No one especially myself ever even brought up @RexXxuS didnt deserve and income . He and I personally talk all the time about donations and the HWS store . I think its great what he is doing and always encourage people to donate or get items from the store and he knows this . There are always new things that can be added or reworked to keep people donating and supporting The HWS community .
So maybe get some facts before calling people selfish and pointless . This isnt the battlefield @Snowman Just a forum to try and get new ideas to help the server and community as a whole which is what @RexXxuS told me to do was post here to get people talking about it .


This is your opening argument to me and this is what i quoted and was commenting on. Your more then welcome to bring up your opinions, i was having mine and felt you bringing up resetting my ocd was pointless, if you dont like hearing my opinion don’t post here.

Now to your argument on making bank level 10 permanent, this is a ridiculous idea, I myself can not be bothered to have half a mil in my accounts just to hold interest and refuse to be made to buy 2 keep 400 mil just to do so, this is why both of my banks shall never raise above level 9, you would be punishing anyone else who does this as well.

By suggesting that eb 10 becomes permanent you have suggested on taking that supporter income out of rex’s pocket, so if your encouraging people to donate how about not suggesting ideas that will take the money out of rex’s pocket.

Maybe you should read not only what your saying and consider the impact and take into consideration that when someone quotes you that’s what they are replying to. This may not be a battlefield but i am here talking about your subject, don’t have a go at me just because you dont like what i am saying.

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I agree with idea to enable some degree of eb level permanacy. A good start — Lvl 10 permanent, and maybe more should be considered.

With respect to real income and server support — yes, it needs to be considered. I have no doubt, as Rex has all the numbers, anything taken away from the eb support side, he will find ways to replace through changes/ideas that may be completely unrelated.

We should seek to discuss ideas for him to take into consideration. He will balance things out for any changes he does make.

I don’t like this at all. 1 very big issue on HWS right now is inflation. Too many ways to get money, and too little to get rid of it. Removing a way to get rid of it will only make stuff worse.

We’re working on the bank. More details coming soon.

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If only our readers knew the truth

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i know right?

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