Elemental Galactic Services (EGS)

The Origins have developed over time into niches that they now dominate and control. However, what is not very well understood or even questioned, is who runs the Elemental Consortium. One possible reason no one investigates them or asks where or how they have acquired the wealth to build their infrastructure and do what they do is that almost everyone benefits from the EC.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands

As a way to further reward loyalty and frivolous spending, the EGS team has provided players with an additional place to pour their hard-earned credits: EGS Services. In many cases, as is typical for EGS, you earn more than you spend – but nothing is cheap. That said, with enough investment in the right assets, commodities, and services, it is possible for the wise investor to spend millions and become a billionaire as a result.

To accomplish this, players should look into upgrading their EGS membership status. Doing so gives players additional perks and benefits and additional access to other EGS services.

Keep an eye out for upgradeable services to get the MOST out of EGS features.

Syntax: egs:upgrade:{service}

Example: egs:upgrade:recycle

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