Elemental Lottery Costs

when you buy a ticket, there is no sign, that you have to pay 1000 credits AND RP according to the amount of tickets…
I buyed a lot and get a message, i haven´t enough RP… Wait WHAT??

it is sad, but okay

Anyone had the same trouble?

Yeah, but the price is increasing every time.
2nd ticket will cost you 2k credits & 2rp etc.
Be careful when buying many of them

I’m pretty sure i fixed that in the guide a while back, but ingame… That’d be a @Jascha issue.

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Woups… not sure if you did it ingame or through connect…
But, hopefully, sometime tomorrow when new connect version is up… the dialog in there will look more like this:

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now it is fixed… but too late for me^^
spent 200 RP in the lottery :stuck_out_tongue:

keep fingers crossed on saturday :smiley:

Hehe, good luck!
Don’t count the chance of winning though :wink:
Miracles do happen, I once got 3x Epic Heavy + 1x Epic Drill from single run of Asylum. The chances for that are… quite slim too :grimacing:

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hmm with 20 tickets…
he got 0.2% chance to win :stuck_out_tongue:

ich have 20 chances to win… thats the point of view you need :stuck_out_tongue:

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is it shown, which number was the winning number?

It says in ingame chat when/if the/a winner is drawn.
Other than that, i don’t think it shows anywhere.

next lotteries should start showing more stuff!

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