Elemental Marketplace Overcrowded

Well last night due to a game bug and also the overcrowded Elemental Marketplace with 105 Structures and 226000 Blocks :neutral_face:, some people lost their ships warping there.

Therefore we will set a CV / and Block limit (maybe around 12000) on Elemental Marketplace and set up a new PVE Orbit close by to lighten the load on EM.

The new Orbit will be implemented on Friday 15.07.16 at 11PM (GMT+2)
The Block limit will be set on Sunday 17.07.16 9AM (GMT+2), so please leave until then.

Just the CV’s, that have to leave because of the Size:

Faction MAD: old git - 26944 Blocks
Faction FEA: Cain - 26022 Blocks
Faction XCT: X-COM Trade (Guns Hot) - 22904 Blocks
Faction BSG: BSG Vengence - 18498 Blocks
Faction OTA: Not Done Yet - 17814 Blocks
Faction FPA: USS Enterprise - 16227 Blocks
Faction KLZ: GALACTICA - 15809 Blocks
Faction STT: STONED FLYING BASE - 14645 Blocks

These few Ships make up already 68% of all Blocks in that Space :frowning:

We hope the next patch will take care of that problem a bit, but guys… dont wonder if you loose ships.
Would be nice if you could reduce your CV’s size.

More infos will follow.

Big ships! Must be compensating for something! :wink: :laughing:

So, I should assume that a ship that has 125k blocks that I want to sell for 2mil will not be allowed eh?

That would be a reasonable assumption, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: