Elemental Marketplace Taxing Issue

I am on the HWS NA Server by the name of Cardinal. I was on my Capital Vessel named the Freelancer Space Station and was visiting City Auxilio by Black Vortex. I was there for about a couple hours, then I typed eb:info, there I was informed that I was nearly 2 million credits in debt. I asked fellow player mcprouty, he is on the Trader faction, and I asked him when taxes apply, he told me at 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, then I said that was not right because it was nearly 6:00 PM at the time I was taxed. Then I asked what the server time command was, then I was told to type cb:time, and I typed it and received the time of 23:39. Also, I then went onto HWS Connect and check my debt, and it is nothing like what the Elemental Bank told me. HWS Connect tells me I have to pay 232566.8 credits.

This link shows you my Tax list on HWS Connect.

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Sorry I did not manage to check this earlier and now logs are gone.
Therefore I just canceled your debt. May your sinns be forgiven :wink:

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