Elemental Trader Issue

I beleive they are the elemental traders and the elemental bank. I do not get the “Welcome to blah blah” message when i enter the buildings. I tried waiting around for a few minutes and still did not work. Kpt suggested relogging and leaving the playfield and re-entering it. Tried both multiple times and still not working.

The command that i am typing is tn:buy at the hunt n’ gather shop on US and the message i get is “Please visit a NPC trader zone first”

Im still fairly new to this so not sure if it is on my end or not.

perhaps your in the wrong place i know i was when i first went there

I am going right into the shop buildings to buy their packages. Waiting inside for the welcome message and inside the building is where im typing tn:buy. Is that the correct way to do that?