EmpAdminHelper Full Config/Game doesn't open the Window

I’ve installed Empyrion DS for a testing area on my pc. Looks good and i played around with the EmpAdminHelper.

But after a while if i click on config/ Game button, the window for configuring the game don’t get opened.

I deleted the directory, reinstalled the whole Empyrion DS several times and also i downloaded the latest version of EmpAdminHelper full from here, but the window doesn’t get open.

Every other window opends but not this one.

Do you got some hints for me? Please help


I would think that the path to the Game is not set right anymore. Or the Yaml name is missing or wrong. Both you can find in the config/tool.

If not the log might help me.


Here are the logfiles.

Log_20171220.txt (8.4 KB)
Log_Connection_20171220.txt (292 Bytes)
Log_CSW_20171220.txt (99 Bytes)

Hey, thanks. I see the problem. The yaml changed
Its the TimeoutBootingPfServer property. I will update the tool as soon as I can.
Uncomment that property in case you want to use the tool to edit it for now.

I uploaded the new Version on our Website. That should fix your problems.
Patch Notes are coming tomorrow.

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