End of the season Killboard - 10.5X


Nice paxx… but still haven’t killed me :wink:

ui i have the best K/D the fitest survive and my best run was this Season 139 kills with 1 life

But does that include your combat logging?


Haven’t logged in enough to keep myself on the board XD

So I would have fired more if the people of RED and their allies didn’t do so much combatlog.

Just make sure you don’t report me for harassment. I know how you UT clowns are.


well, with disrespectful and insulting, as you give yourself here again for example, there is no other choice.

I’ll gladly wait for the report :slight_smile: Make sure to waste even more of Rex’s time with slanderous reports.


nice that you want to claim his time due to your misconduct, he will rejoice.


What are you smoking?
I don’t think this shit is good… and you should consider changing dealers.
Don’t you have any other hobbies than insulting people?

You’re just low class and disrespectful.


Can we move away from the insults and trash talk please?

Nice job @Paxxo1985 and thx for posting a last shot of the kill board before the season ended. Maybe we can have contests on who can kill last season’s top dogs some day :wink:

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