End of the world: Destiny

Hey guys,

since some people wondering what is going on with Destiny:
as you can read since days, Destiny is going to be overcrowded. I don’t know if you got the Nova problem in HWS 2.0 but that will happen too if you don’t follow our advices. Destiny will be wiped or deactivated.

So now it is going serious. Motivate people to NOT build there anymore or move yourself out of there!
That game is sadly not ready for such masses :wink:

Your HWS Team

Some clarification is needed as to WHEN this wipe will occur, and whether other areas will be affected as well.

I’m also under the belief that Destiny isn’t that crowded compared to pre-alpha levels, and that something in Alpha is causing massive lag when more than 4 entities are on a playfield. Maybe it’s due to more players perhaps?

It is EU. The end is coming. 255 cores is the end.

Holy cow. I mean, I have a base on there I’ve spent probably a good week on, I’d be super sad to see it go, but you can count on my faction to start colonizing other worlds!

NA Destiny is in better shape with 147 cores as of this writing. However, BA/CV limits don’t seem to be working. Several factions have multiple CVs on Destiny.

for everyone can’t login. Try few times over and over again. Our emergency warp will trigger then.

Wonna solve this problem? Than make more PvE planets. Pk1-3 is empty, why u didnt pick there some planets?..

Destiny take all limits, bc its only ONE planet for all server, where u could build safely with easy conditions.

P.S.: But I dont care about it by now xD I live on Prediction)

The issue isnt necessarily more PvE as it has been stated that the way the game operates in the backend, the same number of people across more planets causes a lot more load/instability. This is a core game issue not HWS. Right now the incentive to move to PvP isn’t there (primarily I believe because PvP is broken in this game) so this is going to be an ongoing problem. When I joined HWS we had about 35-40 ppl peak, now I log on and see 70-80 which is great.

There just isnt a reason to go elsewhere right now - insta market being the biggest issue imho. PPL can just camp PvE with no reason to leave. I moved to PvP within 24 hours of HWS 3.0 and havent looked back tbh.

There’s a couple points to be made here, some easy to address, some not so much:

  1. Server PvE playfield limits need to have the enforcement scripts turned on for the Peacekeeper systems
  2. The limits are currently per-faction based, which penalizes larger factions moreso than smaller ones
  3. The reaction to #1 being turned on will cause more factions to bury their ships in deep space in the PvP regions which puts significant stress on those orbits, making PvP in space more impossible than it already is.

My only thought to address #2 is to have a small formula applied on larger factions, where for each 10 members in the faction, the limits are increased by 1. So for 1-9 members, the PvE limits are the same, but for 10-19 it increases to 2 CV, 3 BA per, and so on. I don’t know the difficulty in implementation, but that’s just what I had rolling around in my head.

Holy god… we just built our base and it was expensive… Will be some kind of compensation? Or i need unbuild the entirely base now if i want his materials?

Yeah, I feel the pain. I spent probably a week’s worth of time doing this by hand.

It’s really big.

Maybe a solution would to be able to make the person temporarily in creative mode so they can save their blueprint of the base? I don’t know if it’s really an effective one. The only other one I can think of is multi-tooling it all out… you’d get the materials, but yeah.

Sometimes things just can’t be salvaged.

There is a method to finding players in deep space which has caused several players to lose their ships. The admins know what this process is, and if they do not, I would be willing to explain it to them. This exploit enables bored players to find and attack player ships which are upwards of 50Km away from the nearest planet to be discovered. I would advise that we enable or allow factions to set up base within the PVE systems (2 CV’s per player of a faction or for a private player not in a faction) for a faction in PVE space.

To prevent excessive strain on the server, is it possible to assign either by lot or by super (trade, alliance, pirate, ect (excluding lawless)) PVE systems?

Dont have a way to force a limit of building on this planet to avoid the wipe? Or maybe make a incentive to ppl move or set up in the other two planets? Maybe put one of each basic resources (iron, silicon, copper and cobalt), in a really low ammount (have a way to change the ammount in the meteorites too?), on each planet?

I think that everyone come to destiny because it is populated, and is nice fly arround seeing other ppl bases, and see other ppl flying seeing your base. The only atractive of destiny is this… because the resouces none of them have nothing but promethium.


The same question: Why u go Destiny? :smiley:

Thats just only ONE planet, earth type with EASY conditions. in not-wiped PvE system. Ofc every one goes there. All wonna easy build and live.

Just dont hit the limit and all is save. but when we reach 230 we have to start destroying new buildings/unimportant buildings. But we will announce and ask for that before.

Just dont build more cores on the planet.

heh, that means, that u couldn’t make constant number of cores on planet?

I still dont understand why ppl keeps going to Destiny. There is also Prediction that is quite the same, but with less land and more water…and, hell, there is Ornate, that just needs you to get some O2 for breath (oh, this is a survival game!)

I don’t understand why ppl goes to Destiny.

Personally i built a Space station in PK4 orbit, put some O2 generator on each planet, and i move with my CV on each of them, according to what i need to do, then, at the end of day, back to the Space station.

Space station are much nicer than terran base! :smiley:

No way! :smiley: My base on Prediction looks better :wink: bc I love snow landscape :evergreen_tree:

Come and visit the United Space Traders Destiny Marketplace (and Holiday Resort), we´ve put a lot work in our base to satisfy our customers and visitors. It would be sad to loose our base…