Enemy drill tunel to LoT Armagedon base after drilling the sathium depo

Obsey in my shame box for drilling tunel at our base

The big question will be if he dig it during PVE or PVP.

He dug it there this morning. Lindenn caught him there doing it and blocked him in lol. I did the same day before with raven blasting at me, our deposits, and our structures in pve.

I’ve been waiting all morn for this one. I was mining a 100% stadium deposit near the LoT hive that is true. I didn’t even hide it as I need to make some combat steel.

What scared the crap out of me, and it did cause It took a bit to figure out what was going on, is Linden built a base around me in the deposit! Apparently that is a thing once the deposit hit zero?

Anyways I had to rapidly drill away from him as he kept griefing me by sealing my ladybug in boxes. Rex can check log and see terrain removal as his base creation at same times.

I was rapidly screen shoting too so ill go through logs but I was more focused on escape. You can also see my entrance hole is the deposit and there is no exit.

I saw he was pushing me towards the bases so I jumped out before I got to no dig red zone and let him box the bug. I went to the surface, removed my bug from box, and left Arma to repair my ship.

I brought no explosives’ or weapons other than a sniper rifle. Aliens near base got me once. Clever using s poi as extra defense. I like it. You can’t drill in the red zone. You can’t build bases on deposits but apparently u can when it is just a hole.

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I see no real dramas here, If there was drilling going on and it didnt stop then it is out of the anti grieve zone, if it was shooting weapons to destroy base or something like that then yea

If people build bases near deposits when PVP no dramas, but when it turns pve you can fully expect players to come and dig at those deposits :wink:

have fun all parties