Epic faction mission

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What happened:
=> my faction TAW got all the faction standings maxed out and went to ECC to talk to the
faction reps there i was able to talk to all 3 but the Talon one won’t complete . I have a message on screen that says “open personal Container” but I can access it. I get the message that says “Can’t access personal cargo box : other faction”
I even de-activated the mission and talked to the Talon again and accepted. it gives me the same response. I even relogged serveral times
Player(s) with issue:
=> grizb33

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 20-03-06 08:50

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I would like to be able to get my loot from the locker.

I get this same message because I already got the loot from the locker at the very start of the season as I had the code from last season. People who subsequently joined my faction were able to get the loot fine. Did you get it before the pda mission was made a pre-requisite to opening the locker?

last night was the first time i ever did that mission

I have the same issue, but I gave up.

Pff, a Troll never gives up!

You have to talk to all of them in the order: 1st Zirax, 2nd Polaris and 3rd Talon.
Note down the numbers you get from the three.
After you talked with the last one, the Personal Container is temporary unlocked, the sum of the previous three codes asking.

i got the faction containers for the Zirax and Polaris but the F1 is checked for the Talon but won’t complete that mission

I don’t understand this. Which containers?

Is it checked also for Polaris and Zirax?
Please just send me all three screenshots of each PDA

As you can see from my screen shots the Zirax znd polaris are completed. The Talon mission is stuck on “Get your epic Gift” and won’t let me open the personal locker. It belongs to another faction.

Yes I see.
The issue was that Press F1 from the Talon quest unlocked the Container and you had to insert the code. But seems you skipped that crucial part…
It will be reworked in HWS 12 but for now I have to manually unlock it for you.
Going to bed now but let me know when you are online tomorrow.

thank you but i surrender…

Only quitters quit.

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