Epic weapon droprate is not equal (I think)

1 pistol is from supply package.

Now that I think about it, epic pistols also didn’t drop a lot in older patches, they were always rare. Miniguns have always been common. This could be pure RNG but… It would make sense for the droprates not to be equal for balance reasons. However for our RP gain this is not so good.

But again I can’t confirm this with such low numbers. But it seems to be about 6% droprate for epic pistol. And one epic pistol is worth about 25 miner cores when purely measured in droprate (these are not all my AM cores).

Maybe other people have also some numbers to add?

From our POI Raids, we got
1 rifle
2 Rocket
3 Pistol
2 mini
2 plasma
1 sniper

Seems like if you get a large enough sample size, (100+) it could very well even out to equal distribution.

Wait perhaps it IS equal. Because 1 out of 8 is only like 12.5% dropchance. 5-6% is then not too far off then and could be the RNG. With 12.5% chance it’s’ not too unlikely to get only 1 pistol out of 20-30 with bad RNG.

Perhaps we are supposed to trade epics.

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