Eton bugged on re eu


we captured eton yesterday, the message said we did, but no one got rewards?

hope you can help


sorry to hear that.
Not sure why it did not work even if the winner was found.
I gave all of you 1 mil Credits and 10 RP.

I will check the Event to see whats wrong here.

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One question:


I see you guys left Eton 5 minutes before it ended. Did you do so by yourself, or did you get warped out?
Just to make sure: The Eventmanager only counts someone as real winner if he stays on the Playfield till the end. Even though the message was send that your faction is the winner, he could not find any player to reward that stayed until the end. So somewhere here the event manager got confused.

we stayed after it ended to clear up. long after it ended.

we must have been around for at least 20mins after it ended to take out the remaining npc and search for loot.

For the future stay until the very end and don’t warp out earlier.

:thinking:My memory might not be what it used to be but I distinctly recall We all hung around long after the event ended, I remember because we had left some of the towers with turrets and we went to kill them after the event ended to check them for loot.

Idk, maybe we left and came back in too many times?


Was there before, during and after the end. Did not get the reward.
Please do somethin with the temp also :slight_smile:

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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