Eton Event - Revert back to core placement?

Hello all,

Just wanted to give some feedback and start a discussion about the Eton Event but also some concerns about the uncertainty about next season and the PVP needs people have. I think the pvp Eton event is a really good way of getting many players and factions to have a good fight but not with its current system of being in the red room at the end of the event! I remember in I think it was last June 2019 the Eton event was a real contest with tank and air battles etc to get control of the area around the city and then the city itself by getting through the ‘outer’ dome defences and then inside by placing a core. This brought in a lot more pvp action from factions and players and also required ‘team’ play. I think the waiting in a room element works well but makes for a very stale event as it is a very individual thing. I’d like to see it return to the old style again if i am honest. I don’t know why it was changed (probably a good reason!?) but what do other people think? The other aspect to reverting back to the older core placement style is that it encourages faction forming or alliances, which leads to better bigger battles too which is fun. I dont know if there is a different ‘method’ of winning that could be explored.

@Rex Eton in my mind is a real highlight of the server / PVP hub as the reward is great. I’d just like to get a dialogue going to possibly revert to the core placement method of winning again to make it more of a team thing rather than an individual thing. :slight_smile:


I do miss the dome and controlling the City with your own core.

Also It made sense for the hardened PVP players to take control of Eton and then allow the PVE miners to come and mine.

I do not like the current system where only the people who participated get to have Eton. In a normal scenario your PVP player will probably be burned out from fighting. Now he has to mine.

Why not secure the planet and let the other part of the faction that did not participate come and mine?