EU/NA Server Wars Concept

Lately a few alliance players have used CSW to raid the EU server. This has given me an idea
as well as a few questions.

Would it be possible to bind players to either a NA or EU faction when using CSW? For example
players from NA although on NA they may be rival factions, CSW to EU. Is there a way to auto ally
them once they arrive to the HWS NA faction? It would also be nice to restrict communication, maybe
scramble it?

If this is possible it would easily add a whole new dimension to player emersion as well as server
balance. Although each server may have it’s own internal power struggles, they would always need
to be on the look out for an invading alien force. Not some easily defeated AI but other players.

This idea is raw and may not be possible as I laid it out. But with input from the HWS players I’m
sure we can find a way to make it happen. Perhaps a contested zone on either side of the CSW that
players on their perspective servers are responsible to maintain defend or their entire server will be
open to invasion.

All ideas welcome. Player community majority consensus determines rules of engagement.

I think this could be really neat, particularly if we had one zone after the csw that could be “controlled”, perhaps by seeing if more of na or eu factions had bases on a moon in the orbit. Something that would prevent sneaky slipping in, and instead focus on a frontline that can be defended by all of a particular server.
For example, Frontline NA is controlled by 80% structures being NA, 10% EU, 10% unaligned (someone who isnt choosing a side, we could do something where if an unaligned faction is found raiding, they are put onto the Server Team). EU players cannot warp out of the sector into the general population if they are aligned with the EU team, until they “take over” the planet.
Definitely interesting, but would be tricky to implement a balance between those who csw to fight, and those who do it to trade.

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I think the bigger issue with the approach would be that there’s no systematic mechanism to manage any of it. Auto-allying has proven problematic, so it would be as effective as maintains allies for your origin planets. Also plenty of room for subversion ( XXX NA creates YYY EU and joins the other side and feels intel or misinformation. Etc. )

I do like the idea of a “border worlds” concept where the planets are the front lines between the servers. The problem would be currently you could pass that right up and start raiding origin planets like you do today. There would be nothing but the “honor system” causing you to fight the border planet defenses before running off.

Cool idea, but would currently require a lot of people to manually enforce it. As the game exists today anyhow. Would be cool if, say, the border planets wipes every week, and had a structure POI with a core. If core exists, no EU origin warm beyond that playfield. If core gone, entire server open for travel. Again, lots of issues there too if someone got “stuck” in the server.

Neat concept tho.

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There would have to be some kind of offline protection to stop those on say california time raiding EU at 4/5am GMT and whatever the equivalent be vice versa.

Another system i doubt we will see anytime soon on HWS.

That is unfortunately some of the allure to CSW Raiding. Offset timezones means easy raids.

That said, it may be more easily done by simply only allowing CSW during certain overlapping hours. The core NA and EU hours with no overlap would be blocked, and thus, some sort of protection.

It doesnt solv getting around the system by simply warping and waiting.

To calrify my earlier comment:

This community is Interesting (but the best!) – We have all these cool guidelines that folks COULD follow to help make it a more fun game with more richness than the base game allows, but many people ignore the guidelines and just do what they want … So this is a cool idea, but the more community responsibility to put into it, the less likely it will be successful.