EU PVE-only server Elemental Station and RP gain

Is it meant that the Elemental Trading station (Elemental Marketplace) is set to PUBLIC? I was there today and noticed I could access the “P” Menu and take fuel from the fuel tanks and even set the Station to PRIVATE or even to my Faction. Is this a bug or is this meant to be an honor system?

Also, I am not really understanding how to get Reputation in my Faction. The rules state I need to carry an Epic Assault Rifle and warp for Guardians. I see you get the Epic Assault Rifle when you type fa:supply, but when I try this, I get the message “Who are you? Get some reputation first” So how are we to get the Epic Rifle in the first place? From POI’s? If so, what about if they are all already looted, how then? I ask this cause I wanted to go to Gabriel today and I need the Rep to even get onto the planet. I been playing as Guardian for over 2 weeks now on this server.

You can also borrow an assault rifle from a faction member then warp and get your first rp. After that use your fa supply

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I can sell you one.

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