EU Ship The Ark**** Scrapped

Hell, on TCH HQ my parked CV “The ARK****” was perfect when i log out at 13.05 then now at 15.20 i log in and the Ship is in pieces. Is it a known bug?
This morning i experienced Tons of DC from server(every time i waited and the connection got back ok.
Not only my CV, also the small vessel which i was using this morning has the same problem, can you investigate? I am sure it was PERFECT at 13.05
I’ve lost ton of mats, it was my primary CV, can you do anything?
When i logged in the ship was DECORED BUT IN FACTION, the SV is still in this situation.
ID of the SV 2539080
ID of the CV 1166014

Could be those Gua etc guys raiding the donor planets? What do your logs say?

what does your intruder log say?

My Ship is factioned and the planet is PVE so it is impossible someone raided it
My Intruder log is clear anyway

@Achilles @RexXxuS
Is it possible to remove the SV i am scrapping what remains of my CV.

I saw on the Intruder Log someone touching the ARK at Iceworld at 19.30 which is impossible, the ark is on TCH HQ since 13.05,

Let me know if you found something about my cv


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