Excess CV

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What happened:
=> Some of the CV NPCs that I captured and recycled did not disappear from Structure Commander. And I’m constantly “pleased” with messages from the server that my CVs have been removed.

Player(s) with issue:
=> HayaranAxy

=> EU

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

  1. Orbital Patrol ID:16084 , Adaerynon Moon 3 Sector -3063/-793/10089
  2. Tugboat ID:511412 , Aqagl Eta 1418/2706/-6238
  3. Freighter C04 ID:588186 , Eron Sector -11097/3629/5999
  4. Legacy Infector ID:1615861 , Nuviiarth Tau 1528/-5141/3476
  5. TVI 01 ID:1578865 , Alarostel Moon Sector 11419/2491/6521
  6. Legacy Infector ID:2276708 , Mieis Zeta -560/2191/4438

How can we help you now:
=> Delete the specified structures from the list of CVs belonging to me.

i had this happen as well. the structure commander is still seeing the ships because the sector unloads when there are no players in it. so it will always see the ship there on its usual checks. it’s a royal pain but u will have to visit those systems and hold position untill it can see the ship have been deleted.

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it fits as a solution to this problem in the future… now these playfields are very hard to find… because the planets by name have nothing to do with the names of the suns…

The in game registry will reveal the solar system’s name. you can then search for it in the galaxy map. yes another wonderful series of eleon hoops to jump through :frowning:

Problem solved. Stupid quest “find where you’ve recycled them all” is over.

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