Excessive Turning Speed of SVs

Since this is an I have seen mentioned quite a lot in chat:
For normal ships switch off your RCS until you find a comfortable level of turning for your ship. You can link the switched off ones to a custom switch if you want to have the option to boost turning later.

For Garage ships or other ships with T2 RCS, there is no easy balance if you only have one T2 RCS. Without any RCS it is painful. You might want to try switching off the T2 RCS and adding normal SV RCS.

For the remainder of the season it might be worthwhile for HWS to swap CV T2 RCS to CV T1 RCS as it may have a better balance. Or maybe they will be busy fixing stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not found a way to turn off the HUD without also losing vital information though and, weirdly, pressing tab in the cockpit no longer brings up your item bar which is a pain.


I agree with you, sv rcs module are way too powerfull, small svs are too sensitive even without having any rcs module.