Expired Marketplace goods dissapeared

Put up quite a few items in the marketplace a while ago, placed in the Elemental Marketplace, 7day duration. This was maybe the first week of the 5.0 patch after the server wipe/reset.

After a few days (2-3) the items went Virtual. Then after another two days, they ended back up in the Elemental Marketplace, all still up for sale, but this time the seller was -?- instead of my name.

They have since expired…now i cannot reclaim the goods. I even went directly to the Ele marketplace to maybe see if they would show up in the pending auctions, but are not showing up.

Was selling about 200 blue crystals which i dont care about, but i had 4 stacks of 999 fusion cells.

This happened to me as well. Someone sold to the elemental market, I accepted, and didnt see that they had the default time on. A little more than 2 hours later, I went to pick em up, and they had vanished. 100k credits gone

I had similer issues with items accepted, seemed to be a timer based on original seller’s settings and remaining time left at the time of the sale. Not sure if this is from HWS influence or a default setting from Eleon. So until it gets sorted, I have only been purchasing when I can directly purchase. Selling seems to work just fine though

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