F&R Bank Important Public Notification 03/08/17

:bank: F&R Bank Important Public Notification. To shareholders and depositaries, and comminity.
We have worked together with you, since June 7, and have worked effectively and interestingly for 57 days. We thank you for your trust, for your creativity and your desire to cooperate, and again for your trust. The bank, whose idea was not only to earn commercial profit, but also to increase the level of trust between the subjects of the universe, was implemented to a large extent. The total amount that the shareholders earned was significantly higher than the invested amount, and approximately exceeded more than 2.36 billion credits. To date, the bank does not owe any depositor money, and does not have accounts payable. And our bank was start to other 2-3-4 banking institutions in HWS Community. And I hope it is just beginning.

Today we are forced to report that the program of bank use of funds, which was previously advertised, is currently terminated. The termination was due to the need to redirect the money to more liquid resources, and if you want to continue to make money on money resources and increase the level of your trading operations, then Nikola Tesla’s metal accounts have been opened - the resources you can buy on the Black market. The price level is much lower than the price of EM.
The issue of opening the main bank will be reviewed again on August 25. If you have any suggestions or desire to invest your capital, please write in a personal note to the discord.

Authorized Chairman of the F&R Bank for 6th saison
Yours, Nikola Tesla
"F&R Bank . It’s more than a name. It’s a Promise"

:bank: “F&R Bank” History and Chronology
2017-05-26 New regulation teasers about new deposit interest rates are published.
2017-05-29 Idea of Bank was discovered first time, with first preliminary calculation.
2017-05-30 Discord of Bank is opening
2017-06-03 First 3 shareholders confirmed first 185 millions to invest.
2017-06-03 Gold Ingot purchase progamm is started and tested for 3 million.
2017-06-05 Chairman of Bank for saison 6 is authorised - Nikola Tesla.
2017-06-06 Bank name “F&R Bank” is assigned.
2017-06-06 Total number of confirmed investments is 425 million credits !
2017-06-07 First day of Bank launched
2017-06-09 EB5 license purchased !!! :bank:
2017-06-11 NA Shareholders joined bank.
2017-06-13 Shareholders invitation program finished, total investments - 440.5 million
2017-06-14 Total Share capital achieved - 502.5 million
2017-06-15 Slogan approved "F&R Bank . It’s more than a name. It’s a Promise"
2017-06-19 Break Even Day !!!
2017-06-22 New limitation of 1 billion per player banking account.
2017-06-24 Pre-Exits program started before new unplanned wipe.
2017-07-07 Pre-Exits achieved 240.8 million credits.
2017-07-07 Bank Shareholders get 2.3-2.4 income ratio (in average) on their investments.
2017-07-08 F&R Bank started Saison 6 - Phase II “Expansion Program”, EB5 licence purchased :bank:
2017-07-11 F&R Bank achieved 1 billion capital
2017-07-11 F&R Bank started Pre-Exits programm for 500 million.
2017-07-12 F&R Bank funded opening new bank XXX
2017-07-17 F&R Bank started Pre-Exits programm for 500 million.
2017-07-18 F&R Bank funded opening new bank YYY
2017-07-11 F&R Bank started Pre-Exits programm for 200 million.
2017-07-25 F&R Bank started IronMan program
2017-07-11 F&R Bank started Pre-Exits programm for 200 million.
2017-08-03 F&R Bank temproury closed main branch till 25/08


I don’t understand why did you close the bank?

He is on vacation for next two weeks or so. No reliable internet