FA: Supply And Auto Miner Still Not Working

I haven’t been able to do FA:Supply in over 2 weeks. Whenever I type FA:info it tells me that the last time was today. Fa:supply always says “to early”. I keep adding fuel to the auto miner but on HWS connect it always says that the fuel is either 0 or 1. The only ore that goes up is gold, but not what it was like in 4.0. All the others say amount is 0.

Put more fuel into your AM. You only put like 6 fuel inside. Thats enough for one AM (Gold) for a day. All the other autominers did not get fuel for days.
In your case: Fill it up with 60 at least, so that all AM would run for a day.

Ok thanks. am seems to be working. I put in 100 fuel. Any word on fa:supply issue?

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