Faction member private ship & bases

Faction member private bases and ships should act same as faction stuff with allied faction.

example our 11 member faction cant even come our HQ or do anything, because base is surrounded with allied faction bases, but private ships is still shot to death by allied factions. And there is no way to set all 11 member stuff to faction by limits

I thought that even though allied factions shoot private ships of the alliance they don’t do any damage?

By limits, do you mean like starter limits on sv/cv?
Also yes allied on allied private should still deal no damage. Just make you poop your pants. And waste ammo. Just dont be outside the ship on foot when this happens. Cause thatll kill you

they do damage and they do it badly. at least allied base did damage to ships. Limits, I mean there is limits in at least some planets, how many ships you can have, and it apply to faction also, no matter of it size, if that limit would take account size of faction, then at least necessary amount of ships for all members of faction could be set faction and they could avoid been shot by allied.

anyway best would be that Eleon fix that.

i also remember that in 5.x times, private set ship aint take damage from allied turrets,


aim pretty sure that is not what Eleon did purposely

reported to Eleon as bug. That combined to sv/cv limits, is almost gamebreaking element for bigger factions that have allies.

That also allow abuse or exploit use of allies

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