Faction member reports base destroyed, etc

I have a “GMT” faction member “Bush” that has reported that his base was destroyed and another base is now either sitting right next to his location or right on top of everything he had built. I believe the planet he was last on was Earth, but I forgot to ask him. He was away from the game for only a few days due to his job but he specifically joined the Trading faction in the hopes of being left out of the offline raiding by other factions - but, he was on a PVE planet so this kind of thing is going to happen.

When he logs in now, he just gets blown up by an “STA” faction base; at least, I think that is what he was trying to tell me. He mentioned something about an “ICE” Manbeast faction “XvK”, but I’m not sure if meant it was not an “STA” faction base but rather an “XvK” faction base that is blowing him up when he logs in. So, I’m a little confused myself - he typed really quick messages to me cause he’s busy and frustrated. He did mention that he discussed the issue with an “STA” faction member and he (STA) said that they did not do anything to any “GMT” faction bases. I’m personally on good terms with “STA” myself and I trust them.

I thought offline raiding was considered an offense here but I haven’t read the rules lately if they have changed. I know he isn’t interested in starting over so he may very well be done playing here. I do not know when he lost his stuff but I know he lost everything - a lot of ore material, his base, CV and SV, all within the past few days.

I would like to know who did this so that the very least - I do not do any trading missions with them.

Thank you,

MDMchan, GMT faction.

I was the one that helped iron out the details last night, from the sound of things, Bush interpreted the Intruder Logs available from HWS Connect that [ICE]Manbeast was the one that attacked his base. It was an awful coincidence that Perdition may have come across the prime real estate and setup his new base yesterday, seeing as it’s possible manbeast had already decored Bush’s base and the server cleaned up the structure.

I understand the fustration of losing all your hard work, but that’s the nature of building in a PVP environment. Although I do think it’s not impossible to get help starting back up, i’m sure many of the Alliance members will be willing to help.

Thank you for the reply Jiroh -

Bush did get back in touch with me and verified that information. Yes, it is PVP and it was my fault for implying that off-line raiding doesn’t happen here at HWS. I wasn’t really clear to him that it was still possible to get raided and to be vigilant about it, etc. Personally, I like this server quite a bit, it’s been a good experience for me. I haven’t had any glitches or bugs affect my either so apparently I lucky or something.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

MDMchan - GMT