Faction Missions should work in getting rewards or not, for Rexxxus mostly

so i finished Conquer an Alien POI on hunters outpost
went and destroyed the core of a allien poi, placed my core … finished the quest but didnt get the 4 epic snipers the reward said i would get
my question is do the faction missions in f1 work or maybe disabled for HWS?
thats what i would like to know and if they should work i am just unlucky to get a bug?

They work. Maybe you had a full backpack. Dunno. Bug I guess.
If you can reproduce it with a video / step by step guide you would get them from me + reward.

meh cant reproduce it … i had half my backpack empty
i just went, searched for a poi after the wipe
found one, my turrets were shooting it the pois guns were shooting me
killed the core, replaced it with mine and then it said i finished the mission
i didnt made a vid how i was attacking the poi … i havent sleeped all night to wait for the pois to respawn with the wipe lol
i can show you this

now i am doing the other one to see if i get the rewards or not

and this is how my inventory was … except the 2 ores i had 2 more stacks of ammo for minigun

the thing is i didnt get the reward, it shows as complete and i cant try to do it again cause its complete and cant abord … relog still shows as complete with no reward given

so i finished the mining one and got the rewards but i havent got the reward for conquer an alien … it said i finished up there and when i pressed tab i had no epic snipers

i even made a small video of the mining one in case i didnt get the rewards for it but i did … well guess i will have to pray i find epic snipers in pois