Faction not increasing

My faction has been the same for the last several hours, as well as my credits. NOT asking for anything, just want it to be fixed please. Lost 1500 gold when i attempted to pull it out of the AM. Again, just letting you know.

Just need my faction fixed please.


What do you mean with faction increasing?
If you mean that the faction did not change according to the ingame factin, then this should be fixed.

The faction wasnt increasing for several hours. I said something on discord with no response from RexXxus (though he responded to everyone else). Shortly therafter it worked. I attempted to delete this post but was unable to. I lost quite a bit of yesterday in regards to faction gain, as well as 1500 gold, but it works sporadically. Its fine

I cant tell if its working today. I logged in and I got a faction gain, but then the hour turned and it stayed the same. But again i have no idea if its one hour after i logged in i get more, every hour at a certain time if you were on during that hour, etc.


Its a certain time that the tool calculates. And if the tool restarts it could even change. maybe due too all the bugs that was the case.

The monetary system is so rewarding it’s not that big of a deal