Faction OuT on the NA server, please contact Wortch about your CV

UPDATE EDIT: I was able to speak with OuT. They were very understanding and we agreed on appropriate compensation. Thanks again.

If anyone knows someone in the faction OuT, please ask them to contact me about damage to their ship, The Little Dipper.

A glitch teleported me into their ship, in deep space, when I moved my CV from a planet into orbit. In order to get out without dying, I had to break their ship. I tried really hard not to damage it much, but ended up kind of wrecking it.
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I would like to compensate them for the damage done. We cored their CV to our faction and left a crate on public access with supplies for basic repairs and fueling.

If they contact me in game or on Discord, we can arrange something.

Thank you.

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