Faction planets - Tax Cost

I’m just curious about people’s thoughts of the price to live on faction planets. I thought about it and as some may have noticed I’m not really around much anymore, I mean I work so getting time to play is always a chore sometimes!!! So the price it costs etc to live is hard to keep up and it feels more of a chore than anything so just kind of makes me feel…well no “want” anymore to play on the server which isn’t a nice feeling I do like the server heck it’s a favourite for me, but with this new cost being so high and not enough time to put in the hours I just feel my time here is wearing thin :disappointed_relieved:

well you can still make a base in orbit where it doesnt cost anything, if you set it really far away noone will find it (about ±50km away from planet) in the 3.4 version i had one at GF like this and it was never discovered and to get there it took only 3 minutes of afk moving (disabled front trusters so i dont needet to push forward key all the time) :slight_smile:

Ya I just got wiped from a base like that. By a fellow trader. Honestly you are right though, there is no way that I can justify that much money for staying on pve, especially if it includes CV and SV. It is way more likely for me just to not play at this point than to try and keep up with the rotation of pve, and even if I wanted to, I can’t log in at 3 AM every other day just to keep planet hopping to safety

Guys my ships was never found even when i hoped they will be to get rid of them. But i never considered 25km safe distance, for me its emergency distance. Turn off front thrusters, made them separate group to do that easily and go brush your teeth or so. Thats something which will get you into safe distance without loosing time.

Also i found usefull to make SVs and CVs flying faster than max speed for parking in deep space, makes long way shorter but you will loose option to turn of front thrusters if using this, so it cost some fuel. But you can make CV fly around 130 with all eq you need to live in comfort.
(edit:from what i just saw after new so called balancing this is imposible to achieve now, 120 is real and that makes this part of my post obsolete)

Generaly best time i had in this game was when it still had a chance, just after alpha release. There was no other way to protect your stuff than to move it far away, maybe thats why moving to 100km is not a problem for me. When HWS was 1.0 i was living at 250km with some stations along the way :slight_smile: No need to go that crazy also it brings some other problems like stupid shaking effect and anoying message, but generaly…there is absolutly no need for living on PvE in Empyrion.

IMO playing solo is a lot tougher and if you are a solo player you are doing it wrong. This is after all a multiplayer server.

Make it easier for yourself and join a a group. You might have fun :slight_smile: Plus the taxes get a lot cheaper when playing in a group.

There is two of us but we are more of a pve Base as a safe zone due to not being able to defend against certain clans lol

I’ve never had a base more than 15k out and never been discovered, just knowing where to put it where people are unlikely to stumble accross :wink: