Faction supply not working for me

Hey Rex,

Now that I have rep I’m trying to get my trader faction supply, but nothing happens. I’m using fa:supply which doesn’t produce an error or any other message, then cb:start. I thought maybe I logged in too quick afterwards so I even waited a half hour but nothing (with an empty inventory).

Please assist/advise.


I don’t know if you’re making the same mistake I was but here’s 2 cents.

If you are doing fa:supply in faction chat, the responses to that command are sent back to you in global chat (even though they are private messages). The game should ask you to confirm using CB:YES if you want your package so it won’t do anything with just a cb:start.


Thanks. I wasn’t receiving the confirmation message. Chatbot has been a bit slow on responses since the patch. Sure enough, I waited bit and it worked this time.