Feature request: Delete your own structures

A significant number of people in the game are getting the error where your ship will jump without you. Combine that with the fact that these ships can become uncontrollable due to a bug that marks you as in the cockpit when you are not which makes moving the ship off the warp in point impossible it would be nice to be able to delete your own ship so that you don’t have to strip the whole thing down on point.


Agreed this is a very good idea.

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As far as i am aware the console command in which you use, does not have restrictions. In which case you could effectively destroy another persons structures, this would have to be a tool implemented by the Admins, which i think would take up too much time for the actual outcome.

Worse case, set to public and leave to rot :wink:

If it is caused by a bug that doesn’t allow you to retrieve the materials…as much as it sucks, It can only be blamed to the fact the game is in Alpha stage :wink:

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I don’t care about the materials which is why I’m fine with the solution to ships being stuck on warp in be “Sucks for you, delete it right now.” What I’m NOT fine with is leaving it there for someone to blueprint the design for their own analysis/use.

We tried setting the ship public and having someone fly it, didn’t work. We tried replacing the cockpit, didn’t work. We tried destroying the core and recoring it. Didn’t work.

As long as we lack the ability to delete our own ships or get a US timezone admin we are going to continue to see warp in points camped by unmanned and bugged ships. It took our faction 4 people and 30 minutes to deconstruct my stuck ship last night and despite warning global repeatedly about the hazard people still jumped in and died. AlexAKM reported the exact same bug happening to him.

Guys you need to spread the word out:
NOTHING works EXCEPT a playfield unload / server restart.
Even if you go with cb:restart. Nope. This is a bug returned from preAlpha days and is hitting harder than ever before.
I am afraid but if you have this bug you need to hope for an admin for now.
As soon as Jascha is back we try to implement a command like cb:unload with special conditions so it can’t be abused.
Maybe I set the Decay Time from 7 hours down to 1 hour again so others can remove the core and you only have to wait 1 hour. But even if the ship is gone it can cause problems sometimes.

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This imo is something we need right now imo , with the number of people that get stuck to ships.

Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize the problem was that severe. Guess I’ll just keep recording everything in case it happens again.

Seems like the issue happens more on certain play fields than others. As far as I can tell from our faction atleast.

I can verify this from last night’s play as well. Flew into Gold Fed’s atmosphere, got disconnected from the play field. Logged back in, the ship was in atmo, but I wasn’t. I figured I’d halo into atmosphere, probably take a single death when I hit the ground, hopefully near my ship. Not so. Instant death animation. Okay, no big deal. I’ll just spawn on the nearest medbay. Well, no, I was stuck to the bottom of the ship, but still “falling” and accelerated past 200m/s into the ground… while still stuck to the bottom of the ship. OKAY, fine. Spawn near my last death location. Nope. 200m/s into the ground. I had a factionmate move the ship for me, waited an hour and logged back on - still accelerating, and still stuck, but it would catch itself at about the 6m/s mark and start over again. It took a server restart a few hours later to get unstuck.

It’s alpha, so yeah, expected. That said, with the state of the bugginess of the game, and the ease with which its possible to lose a tremendous amount of RP in a silly short period of time, (Either say via spawn camping, or bugs for example) I’d propose capping the amount possible to lose in some way - either in a short time frame of say 15 minutes, (3 deaths in 15 minutes still = 1 loss?) or per day.

Aye good idea , I have sort of gotten use to the fact of having 0 rep , most of the deaths are from game bugs atm , sticking to a ship or dc fall from the sky and a few more buggy deaths that happen to us all.