Feature request: HWS Console

There were ideas in the air about being able to play Empyrion without launching the game.
I thought that a major step forward would be to add some kind of terminal to HWS connect which could execute commands just as if they would be entered in chat.
Right now I’m logging in and out back and forth and again just to type those commands. It would be faster and more convenient without relogging: just type commands to store items in inventory, then to put them on market, get another set of items to inventory etc. For me it’s not required to see what’s actually in the character’s inventory. Chat-like feedback (are you sure? Type cb:yes) would be nice, but also not indispensable.
The use is not limited to market: bank transfers, am/ocd purchases, fueling am, transfering mined ores from am to ocd - all of that can be done this way.

As I said: I like your thoughts.
Here is how the ticket is set in our Kanban board… look closely :wink:


It’s coming…