Feature Request

So I believe looking at the tools we have available now that this should be possible on the back end. Short and sweet, I think it would be nice if when you logged into the server, you get a cached message (like the chat feature in connect does) that tells you if any of your ships are less than 2-3 days from deletion from not being visited. Just something simple like “Greetings! You may want to check on xxxx structure, it will self destruct in ### days”.

The information on this is there already, ever since we got the last visited column in structure commander (thanks for that by the way) but this would be more of a prod, and you dont have to go searching for it. Would really only need to run the check once a day, then get the message next time you login after that execution time.


Sound good. I Will look into it. Should not be hard. only problem we still have is that this “login” is fired to often. If I can fix this this is easy to do.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Will be in the next tool update. Probably tonight.

Thanks a gain for the suggestion


There should be an option to turn this off. I don’t know about others, but my HWS connect is spammed daily with ships i have in PvP. If it also tells me ingame half of those will be removed in xx amount of time, that’ll be annoying. Sounds like a great feature though :smiley:

How is it ingame right now?
Is it spamming already?
Anyone ever got my message xD?

They are talking about an in game feature, not a HWS connect feature. Think that is where the confusion is coming in at.

I know that, but i’ll still get spammed everytime i login. And i havn’t seen the message.

Only reason it should message you is if you havent visited the ship in like 12-13 days.