Feedback: Class Sizes

@RexXxuS @Jascha

Recently, it seems that people are now able to spawn in SV/HV up to class size 1.9. In my opinion, this is far too large, as it basically makes 1v1 fights epically long rather then what should be quick fights that are under 10 minutes.

Class size should have block limits, for example, class size 1: 2.5k blocks (as an example) As they are now, we have people flying SVs that are between 5 - 10k in blocks, some of which can ‘face’ tank single or double bases without real fear of dying.

Can we implement a harder block limit or switch the tool so it starts ‘seizing’ warning at class size 1.3 - 1. 4?

Doesn’t affect me, go for it.

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Size class 1.9 is already 2 due to this thing called rounding. You need to keep it below 1.5 in order to stay size class 1. If your fights in these SVs last longer than 10 minutes I recommend aiming.

Well we add a little extra to the class to prevent HWS taking ships due to “damage”. Maybe we should set it a bit lower @RexXxuS? . But it was not supposed to be used to spawn those ships. If such ships would be taken by HWS we would not give them back since its their fault.

Yes, since the damage stuff is supposed to be fixed we don’t need that puffer anymore