Feeling hopeless and quitting (story included)

Time to tell a story …

Started on this server roughly 2-3 weeks ago

1st try to make a living
I spent roughly 3 days doing pure mining on earth , due to the wipe and need to get off earth before that.

then i spent 3 ! days getting somewhere :smiley: , first i should have joined a trader fraction where they was going to get me , i trashed my house and at the last peace i fell thru the world. spent 2 h trying to get online again ( wasent registered on the forums then , but did asap and had to wait for the application to come thru) . 2nd day a trader come and get me ( lucky ) had to replace the core and go public for him to taxi and then we reached target . i took my simple SV with 6 boxes full of ore and entered atmosphere , bam i got kicked , couldn’t get online … admin saw that and pulled me off the planet . now i was stranded in space with nothing at all , some salami and oxy bottles . Planet was bugged and if admins couldn’t find the problem = wipe. went offline for a day , still same problem. came back 5 hours after that and a new patch … i took my chances moved down to earth … entered atmosphere YAY i didnt get kicked !!! . looked at map found my ship and started flying ( got the infinite fly bug lucky me ) as i ate my last salami , used 95% of my oxygen i got my ship back flew to space and puhh i did it .

Now after 6 days in total i finally could start to build my home , i built in space due to planet seemed unstable . almost completed a big CV had a space station ( nothing fancy as most went to the cv ) mined some extra for 2 days and was ready to kick off YAY . what happens next is that admins decided to do a full wipe !!! (well due to all legacy blocks or something ) i was like wtf WTF …

After i had calmed down ( like 30 min ) i said ok lets do it now , then it was not due for 24h , i couldn’t bare playing so i went off for that time.

Time spent 8 days more or less.

2:nd attempt

spawned on earth yay found a unclaimed ship front part , claimed it !!! , then some indivisible drones kept bombarding me , WTF , every time i stepped outside !!!. well i made a bunker inside that ship and constructed a hoover . took off in lighting speed and figured fuck em drones … kept burning forward and looking for minerals didnt find any ,stopped and look at map , BOOM , my hoover in a gazillion of peaces . fuck those invisible fucking drones i did so hate em i made a post about it . from the location of my crashed hoover there was another unclaimed NPC building , i had some ammo and decent supply of rounds + a core ive pre built in old base. lets make a try for that base ( i knew there was low chance on getting it but lets try , i need cover) , made it down to the bottom floor but died 2 walls from the enemy core …

spawned with nothing , again , pew rough game eh , another 3 days wasted.

3:rd attempt

Now spawned at m7 , what a huge difference , no invisible drones , no wipes in 7 days . start digging and digging … got of m7 to asuras (pve orbit) . Taught lets do the orbit build again . got my base back got my CV back (blueprint) . went to m7 to gather more minerals and back again (yesterday) started to produce more stuff , got my garden operational , polishing the cv ( 85% done ) , today i was coming back online to fuel and arm the cv , trash the old micro cv and get going as a trader.
Logs in and im robbed , how the fuck did that happen , even the new cv was looted , nothing left all is gone. old cv was not looted it had a offline protection on it but in PVE space i thought it could not be done ???

I honestly dont know what happend i made sure cores was fraction plenty of times , but frankly i dont care … 6 days down the drain

To whomever robbed me , congratulations you got the motherload of stuff !

Also during this time ive experienced about every common bug there is in the game , but that what one have to stand as its still in alpha , and its not the server owners fault, its a great game regardless . Also want to bump the admins , you guys do great job helping ppl over and over with solving bugs ( ppl pls dont set items to private :smiley: )

Was fun ppl i learned a lot in the process , take care and fly safe .

Will ofc hang around on the forums , answering to this topic etc.

Cheers all and always use offline protection even in PVE space/planets , and never ever have settings to private you will regret it after next server reboot :smiley:

Btw , why did i post in get support ? well i was thinking maby i could get my stuff back some how but its ok if you guys dont to it .


Hey Aftermath,

wow, what a story. Thank you for letting us know.

So your 1st attempt is really bad luck. You were not alone to just came a bit before the complete wipe. Sorry, that was - like announcd - really necassary. And in the future still needed cause this game is not ready yet. Period. But at least you have blueprints which is a big time saver.

You second attempt is also marked by the state of the game “alpha / Early Access”. Too bad that such bugs kills so lot hours of fun. I really hope you made Screenshots / Bug reports so the devs knows about this better.

Your third attempt could be a bug with the offline protection device or maybe a raid? But you said you were save?! Hm hard to tell cause the patch notes said earlier the OP was fixed. That would be bad if you can’t trust this device.

So of course it would be sad if you go but understandable due so many “wasted” hours ( at least you had fun in these hours?!). So as I mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=67 there are things we can do for you now and things we can’t. During your 46 hours playtime on our server we helped you already here and there. But if you want to start fresh with a solid base / ship and some resources to stay alive for the next days let me know.
At least I can say: you are not alone with such a story. And your first two attempts won’t happen again I guess (just stay away from drones generally if you notice something strange for example).

So in order that your third attempt won’t happen again I would recommend 1. multiple bases to have always a backup plan and 2. join a bigger faction. The more player playing the more they see that the factions are very important. And I am sure other Traders would like to accept you.

In pre alpha, the time I played by myself the game I always flew with my ship 50k miles away in space. It worked all the time although it was PvP and they could see me. But now you are just invisible so far out in space :slight_smile:

So again, just let me know if you want your fourth and best attempt x)


I was in PVE space with all my equipment and what happen should have been impossible , so something went wrong last night/morning . only thing that i noticed is that my CV with OP (the one i gather stuff with) was not raided , that was the only difference between the ships/station an that one didnt get raided. so PVE space is broken or someone found a way to hack it , i dunno . with that i mind i wont start over to just find myself in same position again where PVE space dont matter unless you use OP ,OP is for pvp space so …

Normally one get used to getting stuff back when something dont work as intended … but as i said its ok if you dont wanna do it , and yep you guys where helpful a lot during me getting caught by known bugs ( that i wasent aware of) but this do spoil generally the whole concept of pve/pvp , maby just redo all space to PVP with exception of start planets (even tho it seems broken) i would imagine that ppl dont generally care of raiding starter planets , this would force ppl to adjust accordingly.

as for fun , well yeah , every try i was looking forward to next step but i got fucked over every time but bugs but last time im sure it was an exploit somehow (just tell me how its possible to raid with faction on in PVE space) and going for a 4th run with that and no possible way to get reimbursed if it happens ( or at least player ban ) its no future unless i consort into same biz , and that i do not want to.

Thank you for the reply tho , and keep going strong.


I am not sure how this exploit works or if it was an exploit for sure. Seems so at least.
Hope you can make more screenshots / videos / log sent in the future.

Don’t know if you was online in time but yes, Almost everything is now PvP. Heliopolis II is the only PvE planet (except the start planets) which is PvP. But there will be regular mini events where it will set to PvP / angry aliens coming to raid.
This will fit more the story.

So again: let me know if I can help you / give you a start boost.

I wonder if console is enabled for all players on HWS server?
If that’s the case then there’s a console command ‘op [structure ID]’ which switches offline protection on/off. Maybe that’s what happened to you Aftermath? Some player exploited the console?

Could be , sounds like possible solution.

Can the admins see who actually did the raid in PVE space?

the devs should really add a fraction log on stuff that happens to your own fraction .

No that is not possible NafreiuX. Only with proper permissions.

A little bit yes Aftermath. At least the time for entering and leaving a playfield.